Get to Know Topology

Topology is physical network connectivity between computer among the same network.  There are 4 main types of topology


1. Bus Network : connect computer in the same network with series or use only one cable to connect. the pro is that with connect with one cable, there is no need switch or hub to connect that result in less complicated to connect the network. However, with single cable to all computer in the network, it make if one computer has problem it will mess the entire network.


2.Star Network : connect the computer as the network by using switch and hub as the center to connect the entire computer. this type of topology is very famous because as switch and hub used to connect the network makes no need to be careful to about if one cable has the problem, the rest still working very well. moreover, we can add more computer in the network immediately and easily.


3.Ring Network : connect network as the circle of the ring which will transmits data to other computer network until reach the starting one as the circle. the problem as same as bus network.


4. hybrid network: combination of above network to connect in order to compensate the weakness of each network.