what is Transmission Media?

Jokerzmoo (Thinnakorn. J)

Transmission media is the route that use to deliver or carries information and data from sender to receiver. there are 2 main categories of transmission media

1. Guide Media

the transmission media that use to deliver information via the cable or in other word via the tangible or touchable thing like cable, fiber optic fiber

2. wireless Media

in contrast with guide media, wireless media is the transmission that delivers information without tangible or touchable device like cable but it will delivers information through wireless communication. for example, Infrared, Radio Frequency, RFID, etc.



still,  each of device that use as transmission media have their own characteristics and also own capacities which usually depen on

1. Bandwidth : indicate data carriers rate

2. Radiation : how strong the signal is

3.Noise absorption : how noise can create distortion

4. Attenuation : loss of the energy signal.

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