Before install the network

Nuttawut S.

Today, I come up with information about topology in details, so you can select which type is fit for your network. My friend already mentioned briefly about topology weeks ago.

Bus Networks

                This type of topology is the simplest. All of workstation, laptop, printer, server and other devices can be connected with a single cable. You can see with picture below



                                Easy and cheap to install, because it require fewer cable

                                Additional workstations can be easily add to the network


                                The whole network will fail when the main cable fail or destroyed.

                                More workstation lead to more data collisions

                                Each workstation can see all the data, so it risk for confidential.

Ring Network   

                Each workstation connect with 2 other device to make signal turn around like a ring. The signal turn in one direction until the signal reach the destination device



                                The data transmission is simple as only one direction and no data colisions

                                Additional device can easily add to the network.


                                It is difficult to find the cause of problem in the network, so it may waste your time to solve.

                                Every workstation must turn on to transmit signal. This might waste energy.

Star Network

                This type is trend to be the most reliable topologies.Image


                                The network will not fail, if the problem is not on the server.

                                Rare data collision.

                                Good security because each workstation must go through the server.


                                The most expensive network because of the cables required.

                                This network usually requires expert to install and maintain.

                                If the server fail, ant device cannot use the network.

You can read more information about topology with my friend’s post


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